You may be receiving one of the following messages:

"Zip code failed validation":

If you're experiencing an error message saying that "the zip code you supplied failed validation", this happens when your bank notifies our payment processor that your billing postcode is not an exact match. 

Please ensure that your card is registered with the correct billing address if this has changed recently. 

If you are trying to pay using an existing card on file and the billing postcode has since changed since you stored your card details, this can cause your purchase to fail. The solution is to delete any previously saved card details and input the correct billing postcode at checkout.
Alternatively, try entering the card number again and the correct postcode by clicking on "Use a new card" (as per the screenshot below).

"Zip code incomplete": 

If you're getting the "postal code is incomplete" message, it might be because you've forgotten to add your billing postcode next to your payment card expiration date and CVC number (see screenshot below).

Once you add the postcode that is registered to your payment card, you should be able to complete your purchase.

Hopefully these help resolve the issue, but if you continue to experience these errors please get in touch with us at and we'll be happy to investigate.