If a book is out-of-stock, there will be a delay between the date you place an order and when it will be delivered to you. Our standard shipping estimates apply once a title is back in stock.

The time it takes for stock to arrive will vary depending on the title. When viewing any book on Bookshop.org, check under the “Add to Basket” button for specific information as to when you can expect delivery. For example: 

Usually delivers within 2 weeks: Title is either temporarily out-of-stock or is print-on-demand.


Out of Stock. Usually delivers within X weeks: This is an estimated delivery time specific to this title. 

Out of Stock. Delivery time uncertain: This title is awaiting a reprint by the publisher, but we can’t specify a date for restocking. 

Pre-order: This title is yet to be released/published. You can pre-order it in advance of its publication date (listed on the book details page), and it will ship from our partner’s warehouse on that date.

Payment for out-of-stock titles is taken at time of purchase. If for any reason an out-of-stock item isn’t re-stocked within 60 days (approx. eight weeks), your order will be automatically cancelled and refunded to avoid keeping you waiting. This rule does not apply to pre-orders, as they can be ordered well in advance of the publication date.

You can check the progress of your order or cancel any unavailable item before it leaves our partner’s warehouse either by visiting the ‘My Orders’ section in your Bookshop.org account or by clicking on ‘View Order’ on your email confirmation.

Please note that you still get to choose from different shipping options at checkout if your order is out-of-stock. There will still be a delay before despatch, but this way, you can choose how fast delivery will take once we receive stock.