If a book is out-of-stock, there will be a wait between the date you place an order and when it will be delivered to you. Our standard delivery estimates apply once a title is restocked and has been sent from our partner's warehouse. 

The time it takes for stock to arrive will vary depending on the title. When viewing any book on Bookshop.org, check under the “Add to Basket” button for specific information as to when you can expect delivery. For example: 

  • Usually despatches within 3-5 days: these items are temporarily out of stock at our partner's warehouse, but we're expecting more to arrive shortly

  • Out of stock, usually despatched within 2 weeks: these titles are not usually held in stock, and some of them are printed once an order is placed. These items typically take two weeks to deliver.

  • Out of stock, delivery time unknown: these items are currently unavailable pending a reprint. The expected delivery can vary widely from days to months, so we choose not to show an estimate.

  • Pre-orders: these items are not yet published and will despatch a day or so before the future publish date, but they are subject to change. 

Payment for out-of-stock titles is taken at time of purchase. 

You can check the progress of your order or cancel any unavailable item before it leaves our partner’s warehouse either by visiting the ‘My Orders’ section in your Bookshop.org account or by clicking on ‘View Order’ on your email confirmation.

Please note that you still get to choose from different shipping options at checkout if your order is out-of-stock. There will still be a wait before despatch, but this way, you can choose how quick delivery will take once we receive stock.