We welcome National Book Tokens redemptions on Bookshop.org, with the exception of paper tokens which can only be redeemed in-store (find a participating bookshop here).

Click here to redeem a National Book Token on Bookshop.org. You will need to create a Bookshop.org account or log in as an existing customer before completing your redemption. 

Once logged in, you will need to input the token's card number (without any spaces) and PIN. The value of the token may appear as being auto-filled in grey text, however, you will still need to fill in the value that you wish to redeem from your token. 

Similarly, you can also redeem a National Book Token during checkout by following the link below. Please be aware that store credit will not be selected as your automatic payment method, you will instead have to choose when to use it:

If the value of your voucher exceeds the cost of the order, the remainder of that token will remain as  Bookshop.org credit. We are happy to transfer this credit back to your National Book Token at your request. To do so, please contact us and provide the full NBT number, we won't require the PIN. 

We do not accept World Book Day Tokens on Bookshop.org. These must be redeemed in a physical bookstore and cannot be used online (find a participating bookshop here).