The Booksellers Association (BA) is a membership organisation for all booksellers in the UK & Ireland, representing over 95% of bookshops. The BA supports, advises and works with members, offers a range of services, maintains and develops excellence in bookselling, and is a powerful voice advocating for all bookshops in the UK and Ireland.

To have the best chance to build a thriving, sustainable and ethical alternative to the large online retailers, must build strong relationships with existing organisations within the book trade - particularly those that support independent bookshops, especially during the current challenging times. has no financial relationship with the BA. As a result, the BA does not gain in any way from sales on the platform; neither does it receive a commission for booksellers joining the platform. However, to be on the platform as a full bookshop affiliate, earn commission at a higher rate, and appear on the bookshop map, we require you to be a full member of the BA in good standing.